The Future is Now: A Crash Course in AI

A special version of Guild Gather, where we are inviting everyone and anyone to join us as we do a crash course in AI!

This fast-paced, interactive session will bring you up to speed on the capabilities of AI today and give you a glimpse into the future. In just one hour, you’ll get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art text, image and audio AI through guided demos. We’ll cover:

  • Key milestones in AI history
  • How tools like machine learning work
  • AI applications in your industry
  • The future outlook for AI

You’ll leave with an introductory yet comprehensive look at this world-changing technology. Come curious and ready to engage!

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What’s the procedure for inviting people outside the guild? Can they just show up on the day?

Yep, they can just come and/or register here too: The Future is Now: A Crash Course in AI | Humanitix