Think you have a side hustle?

A Chinese woman has been exposed as being in a massive wage-fraud scheme, holding 16 jobs at once.
The scheme brought in an estimated $7 million and involved 53 fake workers, Chinese media reported.

Reminds me of the previous Prime Minister!!

For those not familiar with the history

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Impossible, yet is happening. AI tools can help minimize this kind of scheme like identity verification, automated onboarding and management, activity monitoring, and output evaluation could all make it much harder for employees to take jobs and not do the work. Identity verification through biometrics and analytics would prevent people from using fake credentials to take multiple roles. Automated systems would eliminate opportunities to deceive human managers. Activity monitoring of things like keystrokes and websites visited would identify no-show employees. And judging work product rather than time logged would refocus on productivity over attendance. AI Programmers should do better to avoid this thing in the future.

You are right, but AI can also be used on the other side of this battle as well and be just as effective. The arms race between truth and lies continues without a technological solution in sight.