Traffic Data - good place to start apparently

I came across a business that rang a few bells.
:bell: It was started by some kids
:bell: Around the idea of analysing traffic data
:bell: Using the state of the art technology
:bell: Selling to governments

Sounds familiar, right!?

Am I talking about @emily and Compass IoT?

Yes, but I am also talking about Bill Gates and Traf-O-Data

A 17 year old Bill Gates, started Traf-O-Data to read data from roadway traffic counters and then generate reports for traffic engineers.

The idea was sparked by the availability of traffic counters that local governments used to capture vehicle counts on roads. These counters, however, just generated raw data, which then needed to be manually processed to be useful in traffic planning and management.

Traf-O-Data aimed to automate this process by developing a machine that could read the raw data tapes from the traffic counters and then convert this data into a more understandable format, thus providing a valuable service by saving time and effort for traffic engineers.

Given that pedigree if @emily ever comes to you seeking investment for her next thing, give her your cheque book because she might be founding the next Microsoft.

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we were thinking of pivoting back to cows actually. I don’t think we were able to milk it for all it was worth

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Oooooohhhhhhhh!!! but no meme so no points :stuck_out_tongue:

only because you asked Gru's Plan Meme - Imgflip

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oh that is good! genuine laugh over here. If you were VC backed I could imagine a

I make cow startup
Pivot to AI to seem legit and raise billions
Pivot back to cows


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