UBI (necessary but not sufficient)

Continuing the discussion from Discussion: Exploring Basic Income as a Pathway to Sustainability and Poverty Alleviation, Dario has chimed in on this subject:

He is right, a UBI may be necessary but it is far from sufficient. We sure do need to think much bigger. UBI as been conceived by some advocates (who are far from needing it themselves), like Elon Musk and Andrew Yang, as “the solution”, but as Dario correctly identifies, that is not enough. Dario does not “have the answer” (do any of us?) but he does correctly identify it’s a conversation the world need to have, and sooner rather than later.

And while I’m at it, Altman’s idea of "universal basic compute’, well, that does not “compute” to me. The solution is not about sharing compute, it’s about sharing to the surplus of production. You know, Marx.

In the modern vernacular we don’t need to utter the unspeakable, but instead simply acknowledge that whatever we do, it must be predicated on mediating access to the fundamentals of value creation; compute, resources and energy. Put another way, it is the value created by the transformation of resources, with (soon to be free) energy, subject to “unlimited compute” (and not predicated on human labour to a significant degree) that we need to deliberately decide to share in new ways that are not related to labour, and which most human beings will agree is “fair”.

The ensuing debate will long and painful, but it is the solution to this problem that humanity must find if it is to create the consensus required for our species to survive beyond a few more generations.

This reminds me of Winston Churchill: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried.”

UBI may not be sufficient but neither is democracy and yet it has served us reasonably well for quite a while. I wonder if we need to jump into UBI and see what it feels like? :flushed: can’t believe I just said that. I really want there to be a better idea but I haven’t come across anything yet. Anyone? No, seriously. Anyone? Please not UBI…

Side point: Bruce and I and many others in the AI Guild have been talking about this stuff for well over a year now and there is a tonne of prior discussion that might be making us seem insane, such as ‘I don’t get it, why do we need to change from capitalism/democracy’, and ‘isn’t AI all hype like crypto was? Can’t we ignore it and it’ll go away?’. Feel free to poke at any of this. Everything is up for discussion.

Indeed we have :crazy_face:

Rest assured, I will :thinking:

I would say I agree with the former but not the latter. Democracy is vital, but how we construct it and most importantly exercise it, is in dire need of reform.