Why Triplebyte Failed, a startup postmortem

So this?..TripleByte failed due to a combination of factors:

  1. Candidate Acquisition: They struggled to attract high-quality candidates at scale. Their initial success relied heavily on ad spending, which faced diminishing returns.

  2. Venture Capital Pressure: The need for rapid growth driven by venture capital funding led to strategic pivots that didn’t align with market needs.

  3. Unsuccessful Pivot: Their shift from the FastTrack product to Source (a LinkedIn alternative) did not attract enough users.

  4. Product-Market Fit Issues: Their later products, like Screen and Magnet, didn’t meet the needs of their target market effectively.

  5. Cultural Misalignment: Their approach often tried to change user behaviour rather than meeting existing demand.

For more details, refer to the full analysis here.

A pre-mortem for why OpenAI failed. Fun!