Would love to connect!

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Levina and I am a brand strategist and copywriter (https://levinamo.com/) and I run an organization that works with teachers and youth mentors called The Passion Project (https://thepassionproject.id/)

I’d love to connect with people who are interested in branding, leadership, life as a creative and strategic thinking and people that could teach me about branding, entrepreneurship, and life in general!

A little bit more about me, as a kid, I was really into (and still am) English literature and Japanese Anime :laughing:

Keen to connect and hear your stories!

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Thanks @levinakdj! Great to have you here! I think you and @joshuabarreno should chat! You are both creatives in the freelancing space at the moment and you have some deep stuff in common as well! :wink:

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UUU fun!! @joshuabarreno let’s chat sometime!