Xindi Shao

Great to be with you all in the Guild!

My name is Xindi Shao and I am currently working on a startup idea to help employers in regional Australia hire migrant workers.

I’d love to connect with people who are experienced or interested in the immigration and recruitment industries, and people that could teach me anything about building a startup :star_struck:

A little bit more about me, I love steep learning curves which made me leaving my home country (China) and my previous career (in Finance)… Having said that, if anyone needs help with their financial models or startup valuation, I’m happy to have a chat :blush:


Yay! Good to have you here on the new platform @Cindy!

I wonder whether @cngarrison might have insights for you on the regional Australia side of things?

Good to see you are still working on it since we last spoke @Cindy !

welcome Cindy. Your expertise should be of great help to those in need inside the Guild community.

Haha great to meet friends in the new platform again!

Hi Anf, it’s been a while! How’s your podcast going? Yeah, I’m still pushing it :blush:

Thanks Joel! Happy to talk to anyone who needs to get their financial model (and market research) done.

Awesome. You should be a pearl of great price that some members here is looking. You are indeed valuable to the group. Again, Welcome and we will take note of your value. :star_struck:

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Hi again Xindi! Great to see you here :blush:

Not sure I have thoughts about hiring/assisting migrant workers, but always happy to discuss regional life. I’m in a small town where migrant workers means berry pickers for the local blueberry or apple farms. :anguished:

Welcome Xindi! Would love to connect and hear more of your story :slight_smile:

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@cngarrison haha understood. I was on a working holiday visa before and most people holding that visa go to pick fruits. They always re-locate to different farms depending on the harvest seasons. What an interesting lifestyle :blush:

Hey Candy!! What a wonderful surprise! :smiling_face:

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