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I am thinking through the workflow for the library transition. The original goal was to have everything live here as the source of truth. As I walk through the steps to create the above as one of the hundreds of entries that will need to be done, I am starting to question the value of it and the library as a whole.

Given the library is, by definition, built on open-source resources, which we can safely assume many AIs have ingested already, what problem does the library still solve?

One potential answer is the exploration of the unknown-unknowns of our knowledge as entrepreneurs.

While we can ask AI:

“I am about to do x, is there something I should think through that could help me achieve y”

It is unlikely that many people will do this at every turn in their journey. This means learning the right questions to ask still seems like a worthwhile goal for a ‘library’

Therefore are we wanting to hold discussions about the best questions to be asking at each turn in the entrepreneurs’ journey? If so, what does that look like?

Would be great to hear everyone’s thoughts on this?

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You’ve opened quite a can of worms here.

My initial response is: there is little value in building (yet another) a library.

My more nuanced response is: we do need a curated a “source of truth”, for which libraries, with their rules, classifications and management have traditionally provided. They still do, but not like what you’re proposing for The Guild. At best we can hope to create an ad-hoc pile of interesting references, but without an “activist librarian”, AI or human, who is “all over the Guild” that’s all we can hope for. So don’t even try.

Ultimately, a well trained and aligned AI that “watches everything we do” around here and, with our HI guidance and with provenance built-in, answers the sort of hypothetical questions you pose, relevant to each entrepreneur’s journey, is what we need. That is, similar to the original intelligent mentions idea but focused on collective knowledge that a real library provides and AI (notwithstanding their significant hallucination problems) can surface for each and everyone one of us.

In the interim, use this platform, Discourse, like we outlined in detail earlier:

The more engagement there is around here, the more likely there will be answers to questions asked. The challenge, for now, will be surfacing the “right answers” but it’s an interesting problem to work on. In the meantime, don’t spend hours trying to migrate the entirety of Notion. Make references in the new library to nuggets of wisdom in the old. That’s it.

This is my specialty. :sweat_smile:

I think this is a reasonable approach, but I think there is also an opportunity to do a journey, as a community, through the stages as outlined (which perhaps could do with an update) in the Guild Library. That way we re-examine what best practice actually looks like, as a collective intelligence, at each stage and pull in the resources that we can stand behind today. This could be done as a series of community conversations here and then summarised into a useable form afterwards?

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Agree 100% but that’s not a library or anything like it. It’s a “FAQ on AI steroids” and it’s way past due to (co)create something like this. The Guild is the ideal place and community in which to do it IMHO.

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