What is The Guild of Entrepreneurs?

Firstly, Welcome!

If you are reading this you either want to be an entrepreneur, are an entrepreneur or want to support entrepreneurs. That is great! Thank you! The world needs more of you now more than ever!

Being an entrepreneur is tough, we are often in situations where we don’t know what to do and we struggle to even know what to Google or who to ask. We need to support each other. That is where The Guild comes in, we are an independent, lean organisation that exists for the sole purpose of supporting entrepreneurs.

What is it?

We are a community of entrepreneurs, who are committed to building a deeply supportive entrepreneurial network.

  • It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have the opportunity to create and share valuable content, deeper conversations and online events.
  • Meet Others. Entrepreneurship is lonely. You are venturing out and doing something most people don’t understand. We get it. We are here to help each other.
  • We Bring Together Content and Community. Together, we will create new, fresh ideas and best practices that you can implement into your venture.

Our Mission

To ensure every entrepreneur is supported

How does the online community work?
We have a huge library of resources that might help, the first step is to go say hi in the introductions space. You might also want to have a read of our community rules and guidelines.

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